It does not matter where you find happiness - in reading books, in painting pictures, in watching movies, in making a home, in excellent examination scores, in a well-paid job, in trying to make your nation great - what matters is knowing that happiness itself is the end, and whatever you are doing, or thinking of doing, can only be a means to happiness or something that takes you away from it, in which case it must be given up, no matter what doubts others may have about it, and how hard it might be to give it up.
— Suvro Chatterjee

The specifics change across our workshops. The specific illustrations and modes of transmission differ, the activities and games shift, but the basic format of what we target remains constant. The Q&As, the nitty-gritties addressed and how they will be approached will differ; the basic building blocks of genuine self-development will remain in place across workshops.


To provide a brief synopsis of the structure of our broad-scale Introductory workshop (which we customise upon request):

Workshop: 1 unit
Each unit: two modules. 
Each module: 2 hours.

a few words about what we do and don't do

  • Our modules are heavily interactive and we employ audio-visual and aural clips
  • We use film clips, song-clips, quotes, cartoons, comics, poems, and advertisements - yes, advertisements too
  • We employ relevant case studies, social psychological research studies and illustrations from fiction and real life
  • Our participants engage in games and an assortment of group activities
  • The modules are based on the Socratic method of questions and answers - so our participants will participate
  • We do not lecture
  • We encourage our participants to debate and also to look at 'old' matters in 'different' and 'novel' ways
  • We do not offer any miracle solutions
  • We do not make things in life appear easy-peasy, happy-dappy, la-la or simplistic
  • We present things how they are in reality - often-times fluid and complex
  • We do provide various tips and tricks in how to disentangle complexity
  • We do not tell you what you must do
  • We present the options and alternatives that you can avail when you face choices or when you face obstacles or challenges
  • Developing your Self, also depends on your applying what you find useful from our workshops in your everyday life

Why are our modules designed the way they are

The modules are creatively designed to explore divers life goals, career goals, short-term goals, aspirations in life and the varied means at our disposal, as human beings, to achieve some or many of our aspirations. We seek to have a positive impact on our participant's career prospects, purpose in life, well-being and overall happiness.

Happiness, to a great extent, depends upon one's state of mind. Affecting this state of mind (through a combination of approaches) is one of the primary objectives of our workshops. This altered mindset - when it becomes an everyday reality for our participants - has a positive effect on work productivity, levels of energy, creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, participation in team activities, concentration upon solitary work and even one's leisure activities. It makes one a valuable employee or employer or student or leader or professional and ultimately a worthy social citizen and a valuable human being. This in turn increases the individual's own sense of self-worth, well-being and happiness. 

The above-mentioned spiral process of growth and development increases one's chances of worldly success. This is what we aim for through the basic format of our workshops. As we say, self-development is not about mugging techniques and speeches or memorizing the 'right' answers for yet another job interview or a group discussion or board meeting or team meeting. But ah, yes - we do discuss some tips and tricks that fall within the rubric of soft skills and which do benefit you in the short run and the long run!