...if education is not useful, what is it? is it a talent to be hidden away in a napkin? Of course, education should be useful. It was useful to St. Augustine and it was useful to Napoleon. It is useful because understanding is useful.
— Alfred North Whitehead

At Suvro's Institute for Self-development and Leadership, through our workshop programs - we aim towards enabling the holistic development of the individual by focusing on the pragmatic and the philosophical, short-term goals and life-long ambitions, the micro, meso and universal aspects of life and more.

The objective is to address the outward expressions of behaviour, the individual consciousness and conscience from which creative, meaningful behaviour arises. 


How we do what we do

The ideal of education (in one sense) of enabling individuals to live the good life is what forms the foundation of our workshops. We achieve our mission-vision through our uniquely designed self-development workshops. These workshops are highly effective for 4 reasons:

  • Holistic Knowledge Base: Our workshops are founded upon half a century of our combined hands-on experience in education and social psychological research
  • Multidisciplinary approach: Our workshop content is woven together using diverse strands drawn from the disciplines of sociology, social psychology, economics, political science, literature, history, philosophy and spirituality
  • Multifaceted communicative tools: Our workshop content finds expression through questionnaires, anecdotes, biographical sketches, poetry, music, film clips, discussions, games, art and drama
  • Unified Goal: Our workshops, through a mix of fun, participative, interactive, introspective and self-reflexive modules, have one purpose – to take our participants on a journey of self-discovery which helps them reach deep within themselves, and thus reach for the stars