Today you are You. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.
— Dr. Seuss

brief highlights of workshop modules

workshop: career development workshop (CDW)

Along the Path towards the Ph.D.: Maximizing your productivity, efficiency and creativity

The workshop modules focus on the foundations of nurturing a career which stands one in good stead. The workshop while it is connected to our TBDR (look below) workshop is more in-depth and customized for an older audience. The goal of the workshop is to arm our participants with the essential tools, tips and philosophical and pragmatic foundations so that they are able to make career-related decisions and choose among alternatives in a clear-sighted manner and in accordance to their values.

The workshop is split into three modules with the first focusing on the aspects of team building and team work and delves into the dynamics of group behaviour and the necessity of making one's own mini value-inventory. The second module involves debating upon divergent and convergent problem solving/thinking, re-visiting the phrase 'thinking-out-of-the-box' through posers and drawing up the Suvro Chatterjee Mental traits (SCMT) Inventory. The third module enters into the zone of self-presentation and impression management, a dekko into the identities and roles that we carry as human beings and an alternative perspective on the matter of deviance.

Workshop : think, be, do, reflect (TBDR)

The Workshop comprises two broad modules spanning an entire day - titled "The ‘I’, ‘We’ and the ‘I’ again", and "Relational Aspects, The Self, The Universal Questions".

Module 1 - The ‘I’, ‘We’ and the ‘I’ again

This module includes the Self-concept test, discusses winning, the formation of teams and uses group games to encourage thinking about boundaries and breaking out of boundaries. It encourages participants to determine what their belief systems are, how to stand up for them, and why this matters in our social and personal lives. 

Module II – Relational Aspects, The Self, The Universal Questions

This module takes our participants through the journey of the self in social interactions, public spaces, the creation of first impressions and enduring impressions, touches upon the issues of biases and prejudices and the underlying foundations of impression management. The importance of values in relation to one's career (and personal lives) is the central theme for this module and it forms a bridge connecting the individual to the social and the universal aspects of life. The aspects of the diversity of life and the discipline required to reach any long-terms dreams are broached upon via illustrations. The module concludes with certain ruminative exercises on the aspect of humour, importance of 'bucket-lists' and the sense of wonder.