our vision

At Suvro's Institute for Self-development and Leadership, we enable individuals to achieve their self-defined life-goals by fostering critical awareness about themselves, their multifaceted roles in society and the larger system of universal values.



Our Mission

To create a generation of empowered global citizens and innovative leaders through holistic self-development.


Our rationale

Drawn from the ancient Rishis to the Tao Masters, from the Buddha to Shakespeare to Tagore, our rationale is based on the dictum that to ‘know thyself’ is the path towards genuine development. This powerful dictum remains significant in the contemporary world. Even current social psychological research demonstrates that individuals who go on to become leaders, role-models and the ‘movers and shakers’ in the world have a strong awareness about their unified self.

Nobody is ‘ordinary’ or ‘handicapped’ except to the extent that one thinks of oneself that way. Find out your real attributes and make the best of them - that is what ‘think positive’ means, and that is the only way to live a good life.
— Suvro Chatterjee