Hitch your wagon to a star
— Emerson

Shilpi Sarkar: co-founder, CEO

Over 20 years of experience in the fields of sociology, social psychology, educational philosophy, creativity and mental health. She was not the conventional 'good student' (one reason that she encourages high-school students not to obsess too much over examination scores but to find out what they are really interested in and what they are good at) but went on to become a knowledge hunter. Along the way, she gathered two Master's degrees (Presidency college and Purdue University), won fellowships and did a PhD (Purdue University) on Suvro Chatterjee. She spent decades of observing, reading a wide mix of material, listening, reflecting, studying, learning, teaching and imbibing certain ideas and ideals which have become a part of her experience and self. She embarked upon the adventure of setting up Suvro's Institute to provide individuals with the chance to explore their true potential and experience various processes which can lead to living lives of greater awareness, meaning, happiness and genuine success.


SUVRO CHATTERJEE: co-founder, advisor

Over 35 years of experience as a teacher, mentor, educator, counselor and consultant. He lives in Durgapur and Kolkata, West Bengal. Always an avid student, he has changed several avatars, qualifying for both engineering and medical college, winning a university gold medal in Economics and teaching all sorts of things including English, counseling young people in their teens and much older, being a quiz master, sometime journalist, an organizer of educational tours for students, translator of Tagore for OUP, a cultural ambassador for India to the USA on behalf of Rotary International, a writer of short stories and essays in English and Bangla and poetry in French, and a close collaborator with other people’s doctoral works. He has even had a PhD done on him. His book To My Daughter was published by Notion press in 2014. His ultimate aim, as he puts it, is to live the good life in the time-tested sense and this latest venture of his encapsulates this same ideal.